Ford Cricket League
FUSION - FCL 2008 CHAMPIONS !!!                               Stay tuned for MS CHARITY: FCL 1010 Mini Series.
Welcome to another exciting cricket season at FORD, FCL-2008.
More Competitive Games, Challenging Competition, Exciting Long Season, Excellent Grounds and High Standards..!!!
#TeamPlayedWonLostN/RTiedPointsNRRRuns ForBalls PlayedRun AgainstBalls Bowled
1 FORD-GT 86200 24 0.276394666786495867
2 EDGE 85210 22 -0.007026553780537750
3 FUSION 85300 20 0.143552620866514898
4 VISTEON 84220 20 0.085628373543371617
5 EVEREST 84310 18 0.053002412696422783
6 BULLITT 84310 18 -0.056563493755513723
7 BANTAM 83320 16 0.102683440625365607
8 VERVE 83320 16 0.010870394552388552
9 FORD-FLEX 83500 12 -0.234107488786619724
10 LIGHTNING 81610 6 -0.176276433784561770
11 FIESTA 81700 4 -0.206931584906671788
Note: Above standings are only in the league matches. Playoff standings will be updated soon.
#DateMatchGroundHome TeamUmpireResultMOMScoreScore
1 05/16/2008 FORD-GT vs BULLITT B6BULLITTFUSION BULLITT won by 3 wickets. Anikott, Praveen
2 05/16/2008 LIGHTNING vs VERVE M1VERVEFORD-FLEX VERVE won by 12 runs. Ikram,Talal
3 05/16/2008 VISTEON vs BANTAM I8VISTEONFIESTA VISTEON won by 3 wickets. Vijay Vakulabharanam
4 05/20/2008 EVEREST vs FORD-FLEX B6FORD-FLEXEDGE EVEREST won by 35 runs. Seetharaman, Vinod (V.)
5 05/27/2008 FUSION vs EDGE B6FUSIONEVEREST FUSION won by 9 wkts. Geete Nilesh S.
6 05/30/2008 LIGHTNING vs FORD-FLEX B6LIGHTNINGFIESTA FORD-FLEX won by 1 run. Ahuja, Ashish (A.)
7 05/30/2008 FORD-GT vs VISTEON I8FORD-GTVERVE VISTEON won by 2 wkts. bhupendra shekhawat
8 05/30/2008 BULLITT vs BANTAM M1BANTAMEDGE BULLITT won by 14 runs. Hussain, Muzammil
9 06/06/2008 FIESTA vs FORD-FLEX M1FIESTAVISTEON FORD-FLEX won by 1 wkt. Maladkar, Manjunath
10 06/06/2008 BULLITT vs EDGE R4EDGELIGHTNING EDGE won by 4 wkts. Tanmaya Sahoo
12 06/10/2008 FORD-GT vs LIGHTNING B5LIGHTNINGEVEREST FORD GT won by 83 runs. Bansal, Avinish (A.)
13 06/17/2008 LIGHTNING vs FUSION M1FUSIONFORD-FLEX LIGHTNING won by 1 wkt. Ayyagari, Narasimha
14 06/17/2008 FORD-GT vs VERVE B5FORD-GTEVEREST FORD-GT won by 42 runs. Praveen Gujja
16 06/20/2008 FIESTA vs BANTAM R4FIESTAVERVE BANTAM won by 4 wkts. Viswanatha, Sai Prasad (S.P.)
17 06/20/2008 BULLITT vs FUSION I8BULLITTFORD-GT FUSION won by 40 runs. Azeem Syed
18 06/24/2008 EVEREST vs BANTAM B5BANTAMBULLITT EVEREST won by 6 wkts. Vishwanathan, Shankar (S.)
19 06/24/2008 FORD-GT vs FORD-FLEX B6FORD-FLEXEDGE FORD-GT won by 34 runs. Venukadasula, Umamaheswar (U.V.)
20 06/27/2008 FIESTA vs FUSION M1FUSIONVISTEON FUSION won by 65 runs. Milind Kulkarni
22 07/16/2008 BULLITT vs VERVE CANTONBULLITTFUSION BULLITT won by 6 runs. Bhatt, Vikas
23 07/17/2008 EVEREST vs FUSION CANTONEVERESTFORD-GT FUSION won by 37 runs. Milind Kulkarni
25 07/17/2008 LIGHTNING vs BANTAM CANTONBANTAMFORD-FLEX BANTAM won by 23 runs. Ghanta,Rao
26 07/22/2008 FUSION vs FORD-FLEX CANTONFORD-FLEXBULLITT FUSION won by 38 runs. Geete Nilesh S.
27 07/22/2008 FIESTA vs VERVE CANTONFIESTABANTAM VERVE won by 36 runs. Syed Rehan
28 07/22/2008 VISTEON vs EDGE CANTONVISTEONBULLITT EDGE won by 1 wkt. Jain, Akshat (A.)
29 07/22/2008 FORD-GT vs EVEREST CANTONFORD-GTBANTAM FORD-GT won by 10 runs. Bijjam Vikas Reddy
30 07/24/2008 LIGHTNING vs FIESTA CANTONLIGHTNINGBANTAM FIESTA won by 10 runs. Mulpur, Ajay
31 07/24/2008 FORD-GT vs EDGE CANTONEDGEFUSION FORD-GT won by 7 wkts. Tadepalli, Ramakrishna
32 07/29/2008 BULLITT vs LIGHTNING CANTONLIGHTNINGFIESTA BULLITT won by 3 wkts. Anikott, Praveen
33 07/29/2008 FUSION vs VERVE CANTONVERVEEDGE VERVE won by 6 runs. Ahmed, Qazi
34 07/29/2008 VISTEON vs EVEREST CANTONVISTEONFORD-GT EVEREST won by 5 wkts. Nedunuri, Goutham (G.K.)
35 08/01/2008 BULLITT vs EVEREST CANTONEVERESTLIGHTNING EVEREST won by 5 wkts. Kompella, Mohan
36 08/01/2008 EDGE vs FORD-FLEX CANTONEDGEVISTEON EDGE won by 14 runs. Rema Rajesh
37 08/01/2008 FORD-GT vs FIESTA CANTONFORD-GTVERVE FORD-GT won by 8 wkts. Pullala, Santosh
38 08/01/2008 FUSION vs BANTAM CANTONFUSIONVISTEON BANTAM won by 69 runs. Veeral Patel
39 08/05/2008 FORD-GT vs VERVE (QF1 vs QF8) CANTONBOTHLIGHTNING VERVE won by 25 runs. Saiyed, Riaz
40 08/05/2008 FUSION vs BULLITT (QF3 vs QF6) CANTONBOTHFORD-FLEX & FIESTA FUSION won by 5 wkts. Hussain, Sadiq
41 08/05/2008 VISTEON vs EVEREST (QF4 vs QF5) CANTONBOTHFORD-FLEX EVEREST won by 3 wkts. Nedunuri, Goutham (G.K.)
42 08/05/2008 EDGE vs BANTAM (QF2 vs QF7) CANTONBOTHFORD-FLEX & FIESTA EDGE won by 5 wkts. Jain, Akshat (A.)
43 08/08/2008 VERVE (QF1 vs QF8 Winner) vs EVEREST (QF4 vs QF5 Winner) CANTONBOTH  EVEREST won by 7 runs. Singh,Binod
44 08/08/2008 EDGE (QF2 vs QF7 Winner) vs FUSION (QF3 vs QF6 Winner) CANTONBOTH  FUSION won by 45 runs. Hussain, Sadiq
45 08/15/2008 EVEREST (SF1 vs SF4 Winner) vs FUSION (SF2 vs SF3 Winner) : FINALS CANTONBOTHAllen,Philip & Nair,Venu FUSION won by 3 wkts. Lari, Masroor
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You can register yourself into any one team for FCL 2008. If you need help in associating yourself to a team, FCL is here to help you. You can register into the FCL Pool. Based on your profile (Batting/Bowling/All Rounder), other team captains can pick you into their team.

Game Checklist
  1. Flags are available.
  2. Wickets are available.
  3. Permits - Primary responsible is Home team but FCL recommends both playing captains keep a copy with you all the times (Doesn't matter you play on the particular ground or not).
  4. FCL Official Score Cards, Team Declaration Form.
  5. Carry measuring tape (for between wickets and boundary's).
  6. T-Balls (New One's) Plus spare ones.
  7. Emergency Medical Kit (eg.Bandaids, Pain Medication, Sprain Medication etc)
  8. Set up the ground at least 5mins before the game start.
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MS CHARITY: FCL 1010 Mini Series

PLAY Cricket Game for a CAUSE, TO HELP the NEED.

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Schedule Overview
  1. Kick-Off event 09-May-2008
  2. Player Registration for FCL 2008 from May 2nd (Until before Quarterfinals in accordance with the Rules book)
  3. MAJOR LEAGUE (16-May-2008 to 15-Aug-2008)
  4. MINI 1010 MS CHARITY - Aug 28th & Aug 29th
  5. MINI Tournament (Sep-2008 to Oct-2008)
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